Yellowstone National Park Part Two
Some of the geothermal "paint pots". The color is dissolved minerals
that participate out with the steam.
This bull was collared as B4. We kept looking for AFTER, but couldn't
find him.
A photo Nancy got of a couple ignoring this buffalo next to the
Danger sign and the Old Faithful Lodge.
A picture of a picture.
A picture of a picture. This fox's tongue is hanging out like our
daughter's former wonderful dog Heidi.
We saw a lot these
A picture of a picture. A marmot.
Stuffed coyote
Frozen Lake Yellowstone
Grizzly Bear on 16 X zoom
We learned how to ID Black and Grizzly Bears. Hikers are supplied with pepper spray and wear small bells on their clothes  to warn the bears. To ID
them, just check their scat (poop). The black bear scat will have small berries and nuts in it. The Grizzly scan will smell like peppers and have small
bells in it.
Mud Volcano's. This is the most active geothermal area in the world.
Bacteria Mats