Yellowstone National Park Final
No zoom on this guy.
80 % of the trees in Yellowstone are Lodgepole Pine. The pine cone that it produces can not be opened, unless there is a fire. It produces about
60,000 seeds an acre. This is why you see such a thick Forrest of young trees in the photos below. There was a fire about 10 years ago.
This guy was about 20 yards off the trail and we were on foot.
The ground here is very hard and the lodgepole pines have roots
that radiate outward. They are very susceptible to wind damage.
These pines have died and leaches  water from the ground. As the
water evaporates the minerals are left. They are called Bobby Socks
Thicket of young trees.
This was part of a benchmark system tracking land movement. The hills
across the river uplifter about 2 feet in 30 years due to magma below.
Yellowstone is one of the most geologically active areas on the planet.