Several famous movies were made in this beautiful canyon. The creek cut through all of the mountainside over
thousands of years. This was an unbelievable drive. There are several trails that we missed due to the rain, so we
will be going back. This is in the heart of the famous Black Hills of South Dakota.
Spearfish Canyon
Our first view of the creek. It was really moving fast. There were
quite a few private homes along it.
Great rock formations.
The low clouds were below the canyon walls.
A little natural dam. We would have loved to wade, but th water must
have been near freezing. This is all melted snow.
Bridal Veil Falls.
Humongous rocks fallen into the creek. Eventually they will be worn away.
We needed the 4 wheel drive on some dirt roads in the rain today.
Hard to believe this sign 2/3's through May.
Snow at the higher elevations. Couldn't tell how high we were as my
altimeter is a phone app and no service up here.
The photos below are from our second trip to Spearfish Canyon.
Lodge where we had lunch
Bighorn sheep
Mountain goat
Our lunch view.
Nancy had Trout Almondine, corn cakes, and buffalo stew
Bread bowl of buffalo stew.