First Trip after Open Heart Surgery
       Rock Crusher Canyon
I had open heart surgery on Dec 1 2011 and had a lot of problems. I stayed in intensive care for 8 days where 1 is normal.
I then spent 3 weeks in rehab building up my strength and finally went home. After about a month of physical therapy I
was doing well. One morning I woke up and my heart was racing up to 140 every time I stood up. Nobody could figure it
out, but after a month or so, I got better and started my Cardiac Rehab where I work out with weights and on machines
with a ECG telemetry. It has worked well, so we decided to do a test RV trip for our anniversary. We chose Rock Crusher
Canyon about 70 miles from home, It was our first RV park and after doing all 48 lower states, is still among our favorites.
It was wonderful to be back on the road again,
RV covered with Florida's state bug, the love bug.
Grannie's, our favorite breakfast place in the area. Grannie is actually
owned by a 45 year old man. Who would have thunk it?
We have camped in all of the lower 48 and it is hard to find anything
prettier than a salt marsh.
Nancy at a nature preserve with a nuclear power plant in the
I have had many a lunch on that island when I was in the citrus business
and we took our end of season trip here.
Public beach
There is a huge crabbing and fishing  industry here. These are the new
plastic crab pots.
The old city hall which is a neat museum. We went thru it on a
previous trip.
Where the locals buy seafood.
Hundred of these fishing boats. Those are the old wooden crab traps.
Old Cracker house with crab traps out front.
Our favorites spot for lunch.
Three old duffers.
Monkey Island is about 25 yards from this restaurant. These moneys
were released from a testing laboratory about 20 years ago. They do not
swim and have remain. It is very interesting to see them from your table.
Lots of boats come up to view them.
No zoom from our table.
Zoom from our table.
Nancy's expensive Crab Louie
My cheap hamburger. I have to wear those suspenders because of a
severe case of plumber's butt.
Two local beauties.
Evenrude mailbox.
My open heart surgery scar. Ugly, but I am alive.
We got a site with pavers. (and ants)
Nancy wanted this rock for her 48 state rock collection, but it was just too
Hot tub with new federally mandated permanent mounted handicap lift.
This is really going to hurt a lot of small campgrounds.
Shot of playground for my friend Amy.
We are having such a good time, we decided to stay another day. Yipeee