We had a long spell of rainy weather and today was our first sunny day, so we took advantage of it and went to
see Mount Rushmore National Park and Crazy Horse Memorial which is a private memorial, but very well done.
They are only about 12 miles apart. Mount Rushmore was a little anticlimactic, but just as advertised. There was
a great museum and exhibits at Crazy Horse that we enjoyed. All in all, it was a great day.
  Mount Rushmore
Crazy Horse Memorial
We drove up from the back side and this is what we saw.
There it is. Really amazing. Unfortunately the whole area was bustling
with Koreans and they didn't understand American customs like waiting
in line. There were hundreds of them everywhere. I guess the low
value of the dollar is bringing them here.
Two old fart Americans.
This is how they repair minor cracks to keep water from getting in and
The original plan called for the whole upper body. I am afraid when
they put Obama up there, his big ears will cover up the others.
When you see what the founding fathers said and what present
politicians say, it almost makes you cry.
Early equipment
How they drill using this pattern.
Early plan
Profile view.
The following are from the Crazy Horse Memorial.