We took another RV trip to test our how I would do after my heart surgery. We both did very well.
Hanna Park is a great Jacksonville city owned park in Mayport. It was the week after they had direct hit
of the  mph tropical storm Burl. Lots of limbs down on the trails, but not a problem. We walked a lot on
the trails and hit some of their great restaurants. A great trip.
Hanna Park 2012
There is a large fresh water lake as well as the beach.
Miles of hiking trails like this one,
Our camp site. Very wooded.
The 1/2 mile ferry that save you a  29 mile trip around. It is scheduled to
be shut down in September. A current here at the mouth of the St. Johns
is about 6 knots.
Outside our table at Singleton's Shack where we had lunch.
Fishing boat. The building in the background is on the other side of the St.
Johns River,
We took the ferry ride round trip as walkers for $1 each.
Research vessel.
The "Dumb" car had to pay the full toll.
The food was great and we both ate heart healthy.
Nancy takes such great action shots.,
One trip here we drove around looking for another seafood restaurant and
ate here. We discovered we were just across the river from Mayport
Ferry landing. With these currents, it is a controlled crash.