The World's Largest
          Biker Bar.
Sturgis is know for it's huge (750,000) Bike Week in August. Much of the town depends .On the 10 days of the
Festival for it's lively hood. Many of the stores and bars are only open a month of the year. Darryl, our son-in-law,
watches a Show "Full Throttle" that is shot at this humongous place. It was open, so we went in to get him a T-Shirt.
Amazing place. During the Bike Week they have over 300 employees. We talked to the bartender (we were the only
ones there) and he was the father of Angie who is the girlfriend of the owner and a star of the TV show. They do two
truckloads of beer a day in their 10 bars and have around the clock bands. They have 200 little "cabins" like my
shed with either 2 double beds, or 2 bunk beds, a table and a small front porch for $2,000 a week. No credit cards,
all cash. Prices are very high also during bike week. It is much bigger than our Daytona Bike Week.
Nancy didn't think this was her style.
Tubs of beer rolled out to their 10 bars placed around the area.
One of the inside bars. The barmaids come from all of the US for the
Bike Week and can make $1,000 a night in tips.
One of the stages.
Angie's Dad who also in the TV series. They are shooting enough for a 17
show series this year.
Some of the 200 "cabins" they rent for $2,000 per week. No plumbing of course, it is down the road.