We had been interested in Devil's Tower since the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". It was over in WY about
50 miles from our home base here in Sturgis, SD. It was raining, so we decided not to climb it (You know I am kidding,
but people do actually climb to the top). There are several theories about it's origin about 50 million years ago and an
Indian legend about a bear attacking some Indian girls. Photos will explain.
Devil's Tower National Park, WY
Just into WY. It is really beautiful and a little different that the SD Black Hills.
Petrified wood.
Chuck wagon girl.
You can sit in this and it looks like you are going down the rapids,
Charolais cattle like we used to have when we lived in AR. Seem to be
very rare out here.
We went out of the way to see this old Country General Store in Aladdin, but it was closed. Big town.
There was flooding all over this country and all of the creeks and rivers were out of their banks.
Devil's Tower from a distance. Hard to capture on film how big it actually is.
Visitor's center. Old farts get in for free.
Many people climb this and it is said not to be hard by real rock
climbers. You just pick a crack and follow it all the way to the top. They
have had 5 deaths since 1970 among climbers. Too bad it was raining,
so we didn't try.
it is 865 feet tall and straight up.
Some of the red rock.
It really made mad about them having all of these Jackalopes mounted
and for sale. They are on the endangered species list.