Deadwood was a very famous city of the old western lore. Will Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are both buried there. some of the first gold
strikes were nearby. It is very quaint with some historic museums ad=n lot if original architecture and find old building of the period. Many
movies of the West have been made here. We also had lunch at a really neat little place.
Deadwood, SD
Relics from old hotel restorations
Chinese  were brought in to do dishes and laundry.
Railroad station.
Railroad Agent
This is an old adding machine like Nancy's dad had. Mary Lynn and her
Crystal used to play for hours with it.
County Court House in back ground.
Wild Bill himself
Very early slot machine.
Very neat place we had lunch. It used to be a gas station and they turned it into a sandwich shop. All fresh made;. Even the noodles.
The inside looked like an episode of American Pickers.
Mining train
Rare oil cans galore. The owner was a lifetime collector of gas station memorabilia.
We enjoyed the old furniture