We had been reading about Custer State Park for many years. It was fabulous. We were able to spend most of our time
on the 4 wheel drive roads that went through the wilderness and saw a lot more animals that if we had to stay on the
auto roads. We even were surrounded by a herd of buffalo. It was calving season for them and we saw a lot of small
calves. We also saw pronghorns, white tail deer, mule deer, a turtle and various other animals. We had a lunch of
buffalo burgers and buffalo stew at a little lodge in the park. It was a wonderful trip.
Custer State Park
We went by a quarter horse ranch on the way to the park and Nancy was enthralled with the newborn foals. They were really having a good time.
They will probably grow up to take people on rides in the park.
We thought that these were antelope, but found out in the park literature that they are actually called pronghorns and differ from the actual
antelopes. There were hundred in the park. It looked like the does were pregnant.
The creeks were raging due to all of the rain and melted snow..
This guy was drinking water from a low area.
We ended up slowing driving through the herd and taking a lot of photos.
Lot of calves. This was on a 4 wheel drive road. All without zoom
Saw this guy in the woods. He scampered away.
Lots of lichens on the rocks.
We saw an animal go under a cabin, but when we saw another we still couldn't ID him. Way too big for a squirrel.
We saw lots of white tailed deer off in the woods.
One calf nursing on other side of Mama in foreground and one calf
nursing in the background.
We were surrounded and had to wait for them to move
so we could pass. This was on a 4 wheel drive road
This is Nancy's favorite picture. We were withing 10 feet.
The calves were playing and butting heads. There was a big
variation in the size of the calves as soon were just born.
The park can overwinter about 960 buffaloes. The summer
population gets up to about 1500. They have a roundup every year
and cull down for the winter. They are vaccinated, branded,
pregnancy tested and the surplus are sold via a live auction and
calves can be bought via sealed bid auction or via the internet.