We took a 2 week trip up to North, Ga, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The coach did very well. We experienced
grades up to 9 % through the mountains going up and going down. I was sure glad we had the Blue Ox Toad Stop
braking system on the pickup truck. We stayed at several different parks and liked Vogel State Park South of
Blairsville, GA the best. It is close to Blood Mountain which Nancy swears is named after all the RV's at the bottom
of the ravines. Route 180 which is right next door is known as one of the 10 ten most challenging motor cycle rides
in the country. We found this out after we got back. Nancy was scared to death. There were about 6 or 8 crosses
on the side of the road and Nancy tells me that most of the people were never found and no crosses were
erected. We spent several days at Franklin, NC with my brother and his wife in their new home. They are recent
retires from Fort Myers. Hard to keep them in Florida after they have seen the mountains. He is becoming a
licenced Methodist minister and goes to a wonderful 100 year old rock church with about 100 members. We
enjoyed a service there as well as a great cover dish supper at another church. Wow, was that food wonderful.
We were looking at property and got stuck several times. My 4 wheel drive pickup really came in handy. I thought I
was mud bogging several time. One when we had to turn around on a one lane dead end road on the side of a
cliff, Nancy got out with the cell phone to call 911 to pick up the pieces if I went over the edge. Another time I had
to turn around in the red clay in a space at a cabin under construction that was only about 2 feet longer than out
truck. Nancy had red mud up to her shins on that one. Not the usual thing for a flatlander. All in all we did real well
for a 2 week trip and we managed to get along real well and have a wonderful time. Retirement sure beats
working. Our stove seems to work only for breakfast and Nancy insist on eating out lunch and dinner.
North Georgia Trip
Our RV from upstream.
Looking the other way from our campsite.
The stream made a wonderful sound and
we could hear it from our bed.
This was taken from our campsite
Another one.
A little wild flower on our walk.
A little waterfall we saw on a walk.
Don't think we will make the opening.
That stream put me right to sleep.
Retirement is rough.
Our friends from Fl who now live in Blairsville.
Waterfall at Vogel Park.
Waterfall and water nymph.
Spillway of waterfall at the dam built in
the 30's by the CCC.
Nice little scene we found on hike.
We stayed 3 days at Lake Nottelly
Campground. Water level was very low this
time of year. Camp was very nice.
Another shot of Lake Nottelly. We were at the
top of several levels
Our coach in the distance.